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Notice on the Use of Email System Associated with the Transition to ECCS2016


Updated: February 22, 2016
February 22, 2016

Notes on the use of the mail system related to the transition to ECCS2016

(February 23 2016, 11:00am) Some work which we were planning has been delayed. Out of the faculty members who have a common Administrative System Account, and if you have changed the password after December 1 2015, ECCS password is going to be the password of common Administrative System Account after 13:30, February 23 2016

We are deeply sorry for any trouble and inconvenience that we have caused to every users.

ECCS2016 including the use of terminals, etc. will start operation from March, 2016. At the same time, upgrade for the ECCS2016 email system is scheduled during August, 2016, until then the ECCS2012 email system can be used continuously.

However, there are some work affecting to the ECCS2012 email system during February 2016. Also the situation for using the email system after 2016 academic year has some differences between academic and administrative staff and students. Please read the following announcement carefully for more information.

Both Academic and Administrative Staff and Students

Academic and Administrative Staff Who Have the Common Administrative System Account

Academic and Administrative Staff Who Do Not Have the Common Administrative System Account