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If you have forgotten your password

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Updated: March 13, 2023
May 28, 2013

Password for UTokyo Account

  1. Online password reset enabling you to reset the password without visiting the ECCS Help Desks/Service Counters is available if you register your email address in advance.
    If you are an academic and administrative staff, please register your email address on the Personnel Information MyWeb. If you are a student, please register on the UTAS. Please refer to the UTokyo Account website for details on how to reset your password online.
  2. You are required to change a temporary password reissued by the ECCS Help Desks/Service Counters.
    The temporary password can be changed from the password interface on the website for the UTokyo Account. Please note that you cannot use ECCS services until you change the temporary password by yourself.

If you cannot reset your password online

Password for ECCS Cloud Email

ECCS Cloud Email has a password of its own, and which is not linked with other systems. However, the password can be changed from UTokyo Account User Menu. You can reset the password even if you have forgotten your current password.

If you have forgotten the UTokyo Account password for logging in to the above UTokyo Account User Menu, please perform the procedure for academic and administrative staff or students in the previous section first, and then reset it.

ECCS Help Desks/Service Counters for reissuing a password

There is a Help Desk or a Service Counter in the Information Technology Center on Hongo campus (Asano area), in Fukutake Hall on Hongo campus and in the Information Education Building on Komaba campus. For detailed information on each location, etc., please refer to the page of <Help Desks on the Hongo and Komaba campuses.