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[Printing] Printer pre-paid printer card for the next generation system ECCS2016

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Updated: August 23, 2016
February 08, 2016

As we had previously announced about the Next ECCS2016 (currently available only in Japanese), the pre-paid card for the Fuji Xerox printer pre-paid card in use with the current system (ECCS2012) will no longer be applicable for the ECCS2016 starting from March 2016. In its place, RICOH printer pre-paid cards will be made available after the system transition. You will still be able to continue using e-money cards (Suica, PASMO) with the printers for the next ECCS2016.

Please note that even if you buy several Fuji Xerox pre-paid cards in advance for the next academic year, they will not work with the new printers for ECCS2016 printers. Furthermore, refunds will not be provided for these pre-paid cards. However, the pre-paid card for ECCS2012 can still be used for copy machines in the University of Tokyo CO-OP and the libraries. Pre-paid cards for the RICOH printers for the next ECCS2016 will be available from vending machines in the CO-OP and libraries in the same way as before.