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Printer pre-paid card for the next ECCS2016

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Updated: February 08, 2016
February 08, 2016

As we announced in the Next ECCS2016 (currently available only in Japanese), Fuji Xerox printer pre-paid card that is used in the current system (ECCS2012) will be no longer available in the ECCS2016 starting from March 2016. Instead, RICOH printer pre-paid card is made available after the system transition. In addition, e-mony card (Suica, PASMO) can be used continuously for the next ECCS2016 printers.

Please note that if you buy multiple Fuji Xerox pre-paid cards for the next academic year, they will not work with the ECCS2016 printers. Also, those pre-paid cards cannot be refunded. However, the pre-paid card for ECCS2012 can be used for copy machine at the University of Tokyo Co-op and the libraries. RICHO printer pre-paid card for the next ECCS2016 will be available from vending machines at the Co-op and libraries in the same way as before.