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"ECCS announcement" group

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Updated: April 19, 2017
June 28, 2016

The ECCS announcement group was created to send the latest ECCS announcements posted on the ECCS website to ECCS Cloud Email addresses as a service for those who would like to know the latest information on ECCS or advance notice for power outages, etc. by email.

This service uses a group function of Google Apps for Education which is used for ECCS Cloud Email.

Once a new announcement is posted on the web, an email will be sent to your email address after about one hour. You can also manage the frequency of receiving emails such as “send daily summaries” or “send combined updates (25 messages per email)” instead of receiving emails every time a new announcement is posted on the website.

How to join

The following gives you a simple outline on how to join the ML. Please also refer to the “Group Help" of Google Apps for Education.

How to leave the group

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