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Reissuing of passwords to academic and administrative staff on campuses other than Hongo and Komaba

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Updated: September 13, 2016
August 18, 2016

Academic and administrative staff who work at the UTokyo campuses other than those on the Hongo and Komaba campuses are able to apply for and receive reissued passwords for the ECCS Limited Accounts in the following manners without having to visit the Help Desks in Hongo or Komaba.

(Note)Academic and administrative staff on the Hongo and Komaba campuses are required to show their Staff ID to identify themselves at the Help Desks.

Please see the section for resetting and reissuing passwords in the UTokyo Portal (accessible only from on-campus network) for details on reissuing passwords for the UTokyo Accounts.

Reference: If you have forgotten your password

How to apply for and receive reissued passwords

1.Send an email with the following information to ecc-support[at]

※Please call the contact person in advance if you are a part-time academic staff or an emeritus professor.

2.ITC will call the applicant on their extension number to confirm the identify of the applicant and the reason for the reissuing of the password.

3.ITC will reset the password and send a password reset notification the internal mail address.

4.Please make sure that you receive the password reset notification through the internal mail.