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Phishing Scam Spoofing ECCS

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Updated: December 13, 2016
December 13, 2016

Phishing Scam

Phishing scam is the act of stealing important personal information (such as user IDs or passwords, etc.) by sending spoofed emails or directing users to false websites via false emails.

It has been reported that ECCS users have been receiving phishing emails spoofing as the ECCS administrator. These emails are created with the intention of stealing user IDs, passwords, or other terminal information by getting them to enter their ECCS accounts and passwords on a false website or to open malicious files disguised as email attachments.

Some phishing emails are so cleverly created that you cannot easily determine the authenticity of emails. However, in many cases if you at least keep the following information in mind, you may be able to prevent becoming a victim of fraud.

Taking Actions on Regular Basis

What You Should Do When You Think Things May Be Fishy

What You Should Do When You Think You Did It

What You Should Do When You Think You Have Fallen for Phishing on Systems Other than ECCS

Sample Cases

Sample cases of wide-spread phishing scams that have targeted ECCS are in the ECCS announcements on this website. You will find them by searching "Phishing" in the search window on the upper right of the announcements.

Furthermore, UTokyo-CERT discloses other examples of targeted attack emails. For a list of notifications on campus regarding Targeted Attack Email can be found on the website (available only on campus - currently available only in Japanese)