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New "Application by Proxy" Function Added to the Online Application System

Account Application

Updated: August 24, 2021
January 19, 2017



Members of the University of Tokyo, such as full-time academic and administrative staff (excluding project researchers), and emeritus professor are eligible to apply for a new ECCS account by themselves. In contrast, other academic and administrative staff have until now been required to submit hard copies of all their application documents through a full-time academic and administrative staff (excluding a fixed-term project staff). This will now change as a new "application by proxy" function has been added in the UTokyo Account Application Menu (ID Workflow) to allow applicants to complete the application process online.



Manual for use of the new ECCS Application by Proxy function (available only in Japanese)

Application by Proxy

After logging in to the UTokyo Account Application Menu (ID Workflow) using their own UTokyo Accounts, applicants can select the appropriate application from the menu below and search the UTokyo Account of the target (click "対象者検索"). They can then choose the appropriate name from the search result and fill in all the other required information to apply.

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