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Integration of ECCS Staff Account into UTokyo Account


Updated: February 08, 2016
February 08, 2016

UTokyo Account is the intergrated account with the UTokyo Student Account for students and the Common Administrative System Account for academic and administrative staff. This service will officially start operation from April 2016. If you use on-campus system such as "人事情報 MyWeb"(Personnel Information MyWeb) or "就労管理システム"(Work Management System), the Common Administrative System Account will be the UTokyo Account. Please visit the website of Division for Information and Communication System ( for details.

ECCS has allowed the UTokyo Student Account to use ECCS serivces since April 2015. With the start of the next ECCS2016 in March 2016, academic and administrative staff will be able to use ECCS services with the UTokyo Account.

Additional Information

Those who are going to apply for an ECCS staff account for the first time after March 2016 are still able to select character string for local part of the email address, regardless of possession of the UTokyo Account. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about ECCS, also contact Division for Information and Communication Systems for UTokyo Account (