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Getting started with ECCS Cloud Email - Simple instructions for the use of ECCS Cloud Email

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Updated: March 13, 2023
May 25, 2017



The ECCS email system for students changed over to the ECCS Cloud Email using Google’s G Suite for Education in April, 2016. Some of the web applications have been available from the beginning even though they have been used as an alternative email system. In May, 2017, along with the easing of the restriction for using the applications and partly from the easing of the restriction for email system, we have decided to announce how to use the applications for the G Suite for Education, which had not been announced sufficiently enough on this website.

Please note that initial setting is required when you use for the first time. Please refer to How to use ECCS Cloud Email -Initial setting, etc.- for details.
In addition, please see Information on ECCS Cloud Email for the outline, and Operation policies for the ECCS Cloud Email (currently available only in Japanese) for the ECCS Cloud Email's operation policies.

Available Web Application

Web applications available from the beginning

A quick list of available classes with each account is as follows.
Account Types for Created Classrooms
Account TypeECCS Cloud EmailPersonal Google Account
ECCS Cloud Email AccountAble to attendUnable to attend
Personal Google AccountAble to attendAble to attend

Web application available form May, 2017

Web application available from April, 2018

Web application available from March, 2020

Important Things to be Considered

2-Step Verification

ECCS Cloud Email uses a different password from UTokyo Account. Even though it is possible to save important data using ECCS Cloud Email as it is not possible to sufficiently protect your account solely with a password, even if you do not reuse same passwords or set up an easy-to-guess password, we recommend users to set up a 2-step verification.

Use of Multiple Accounts

Some users may already have a Google account (, etc.) other than the ECCS Cloud Email. It is possible for many Google web applications to be used while switching between multiple accounts. However, if users tend to use many accounts and applications at the same time, it will be useful for users to use Google Chrome as the main web browser and log into each Google account on its own window.

Backing up and saving your data following graduation

Your ECCS Cloud Email account will be deleted following your graduation. Please refer to “(New) Notice for ECCS users leaving the University of Tokyo following graduation, retirement, or resignation" for details on the deletion of accounts following graduation. In order to save or copy data in one go to other Google accounts, we recommend users to create an archive following the steps given in “Backing Up Contents (Method of use)" and download them on your PC, etc.

If you lose your computer

Please change your password immediately if you should lose your computer(UTokyo Account User Menu). You can change your password using your UTokyo Account. Please make sure to obtain the back-up code for the 2-step verification process when setting up and keep a print out of it in case you should lose the smartphone that is used in the 2-step verification.