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How to use ECCS Cloud Email with ”unsecure apps” and points that you should be careful of

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Updated: May 18, 2017
May 17, 2017

How to use ECCS Cloud Email with unsecure apps and some points that you should be careful of

From May 2017 it is possible to use ECCS Cloud Email with "unsecure apps" by changing some settings.

G Suite, the foundation of ECCS Cloud Email, provided by Google may block attempts to sign-in from some apps or devices that do not use the latest security standards. These apps and devices are blocked in order to keep your account safe as they are easier to break into.

As the following applications do not support the latest security standards, they cannot be linked to ECCS Could Email account with the default settings.

If it is necessary to use any of these applications for your studies, research or administrative activities, changing the settings will allow you to do so. To enable less secure apps access your account, it is necessary to turn off the 2-step verification of the account that you would like to access. Once you have turned off the 2-step verification, go to the "Less secure apps" section in "My Account", then go to "Access for less secure apps” and change the setting from "off" to "on". This will now allow you to use less secure apps to access your account.

Please be aware that your account may not be secure as the 2-step verification process has been disabled during in this setting. Please be aware of the risk associated with this setting change and use it at your own risk. When use of the application becomes unnecessary, please change the setting for the "Access for less secure apps" back immediately. We highly recommend setting up the 2-step verification method to maintain your account security.

Screen before permit

Screen after permit

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Allowing less secure apps to access your account

How to use email addresses with domains other than with ECCS Cloud Email (GMail) and some points that you should be careful of

It became possible to use email addresses with domains other than in GMail by changing settings from May 2017. (ECCS Cloud Email account is required)

With ECCS Cloud Email, you are able to send emails via GMail using your UTokyo email address other than the Cloud Email address ( as the sender's address.

Please make sure of the following points when setting up and using GMail. Please note that with this you will be entering and saving your email account information on the service provided by Google. If the ECCS Cloud Email account leaks to a malicious third party, not only will they obtain access to your Cloud Email address but also all the other email addresses set on GMail, and it may be used for targeted email or cyber-attacks.

To change the settings, access each GMail account and go to "Settings" → "Accounts". Then, click "Add another email address", and enter the required information following the displayed instructions.

Setting screen

Add email address screen