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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Updated: May 18, 2017
May 17, 2017

You can export and download data from your Google account to your own PC to backup and save all your data when you graduate. Please click on the “My Account” button on the Google website.

Account Menu

Select “Control your content ” from “Personal info & privacy”

Control your content

Click on “CREATE ARCHIVE” from “Download your data”

Creating archives

Decide which contents you want to archive and click on the "Next" button.

Selecting contents to archive

Select the file type, size and delivery method for the archived data. Then click “Create archive”.

Creating archives

Creating an archive takes long time. However, you can set the system up so that you receive a notification by an email when the archive has been created.

Archive will soon be created

Please download the created zip file to your PC and save it in a safe location. Please be aware that the archive includes all of your information, therefore, please make sure that you do not to pass this file to others.