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Failure to Connect to the User Web Page Publication WWW Server from a ECCS Terminal

System Status

Updated: July 07, 2017
July 07, 2017


This announcement provides information on how to deal with a failure to connect to the user web page publication www server for the ECCS terminal giving a "forbidden" message.

Cause of the problem

When the system changed to ECCS2016 from ECCS2012, the IP address used to connect to user.ecc from an ECCS terminal was changed. However, the description for ".htaccess" which included the IP address in the initial configuration file delivered to restrict access within the campus was left unchanged.

How to deal with this problem

The problem has been solved for those who did not customize .htaccess. If you had customized the .htaccess, please modify it as follows.

[Old] Allow from
[New] Allow from 172.18.00/16