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[Obsolete] Introducing IPP Printing Password

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Updated: December 12, 2017
December 12, 2017

Obsolete page. 古いページです.内容が正しくない可能性があります.



When using the IPP printing it is necessary to set up a dedicated password for each user.


ECCS provides IPP printing, a printing system that allows print jobs to be sent from personal computers other than ECCS terminals or other devices directly to ECCS printers.

Previously the UTokyo Account passwords have been used to identify users when using IPP printing. Users were required to save their UTokyo Account password on their own computers when setting up IPP printing.

However, there have been cases where the passwords were not being kept securely depending on the computer environment. Due to security concerns, we have decided to use a dedicated password (the “IPP printing password”) for use with IPP printing.

How to set up IPP printing password

The IPP printing password can be set up by visiting the newly added ECCS IPP printing (password) window in the UTokyo Account User Menu

On accessing the ECCS IPP printing (password) window, a recommended password will be displayed. If there are no particular reasons for needing to change it, copy and paste this “recommended password” into the entry fields for “New Password” and “Confirm New Password”, and then click “Save”. Additionally, please set this IPP printing password as the password for IPP printing on your personal computer or other devices.