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Introducing the Experimental ChromeOS System


Updated: February 01, 2018
February 01, 2018

In January 2018, terminals of the experimental ChromeOS system (Chromebox, Chromebook) have been installed in the Study Room on the 1st floor of the Information Technology Center on the Hongo Campus and the Study Room on the 1st floor of the Information Education Building on the Komaba campus.

How to Use

Things to do in advance

A valid ECCS Cloud Email account is required to be able to use this system. For those who have the right to use ECCS but have never started using the ECCS Cloud Email, please follow the instructions in "How to use ECCS Cloud Email" to enable its use. If you do not have the ECCS account, please follow the instructions in "New Application (for Students)" and obtain an ECCS account.

Powering up

The power button for the Chromebox is located on the back of the 27-inch display. Push this button to switch on. The power button is indicated with the red circle in the picture below. When the system has been switched on, a white LED in the power button will light up.

The power button for the Chromebook is located on the left side of the body. Once you have pressed the power button, after a while the Chromebook will automatically connect to the internet and the login screen will appear.


Enter your ECCS Cloud Email password after you have entered your username for the ECCS Cloud Email (the part before the @ of If you have set up the 2-step verification method for the ECCS Cloud Email, you will be asked for a second verification step.

How to use

Applications implemented as extensions of Google Chrome are available.

Shutting down

There will be a power on/off icon in the login screen or in the left hand bottom corner of the screen after you have the logged on. Clicking on the icon will shut down the system.