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Issue following the forwarding setting for a deleted email account being left in the deactivated state


Updated: March 14, 2018
March 14, 2018

It has been reported that a user accidently received emails which were addressed to a different user in February, 2018. The use of this particular email account had already been terminated when the ECCS was upgraded to the ECCS 2016.

On investigating this matter we found that the forwarding setting of the email account in question had not been deleted after 6 months from the end of use and was left in a deactivated state. When a new user registered the same email account, the deactivated forwarding setting was activated and the emails were forwarded to the address set by the previous user.
We have contacted both new and previous users of the relevant email account individually. Furthermore, following an investigation, we have also confirmed that this was the only case and that there were no other email accounts issued in the same way.

We will carry out a thorough management of user accounts so that similar mistakes do not happen again in the future.