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Upgrading the Lecture WWW Server (scheduled in February, 2019) [Completed}

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Updated: February 06, 2019
November 16, 2018


Latest Information

Service of the “Lecture WWW server” has now resumed on the new server. Make sure to access the host name of if you need to log in to the previous server. (Updated on February 5, 2019)


The Information Technology Center (the Center) operates a “Lecture WWW Server” (the server) for academic staff who has an Educational Campus-wide Computing System (ECCS) account and wish to store materials for lectures, such as HTML programs, on the web server.

The Center will migrate the server to a newly prepared server hosted on a public cloud (Microsoft Azure) as the operational period for the hardware of the existing server will end in February, 2019. We have decided to upgrade the OS version concurrently and make partial changes to the operating procedures.
We kindly ask academic staff who are using the server to perform the necessary tasks after reading the following instructions.

Main Changes after the Upgrade

Request for Setting up Public Key Authentication on the Existing Server

To use public key authentication with SSH, users are required to save a public key generated on their personal computer (home PC etc.) as a specified file in each user’s home directory /.ssh/authorized_keys on the Lecture WWW server.

The Center will migrate all user’s files in the existing server to the new server to conduct the upgrade. If you set up the pubic key authentication on the existing server, you will be able to use the new server promptly after upgrade. We ask academic staff who use the server to set up public key authentication before we stop operation of the existing server in February, 2019.

Work Schedule (estimated schedule)

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