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ECCS Cloud Email / Warning: Risk of personal information leakage from Google+


Updated: January 29, 2019
January 29, 2019


Google released an announcement on December 10, 2018 stating that there was a risk of personal information leaking from Google+ services.

ECCS Cloud Email users have been able to use the Google+ services. Recently, Google had informed us that there is a possibility that ECCS Cloud Email users are included in the list of those who may have had their personal information stolen, and as such we are sending out warnings to users.


The problem was that the Google+ Apps in the G Suite for Education (used in ECCS Cloud Email) provided by Google had requested permission to view profile information that users had added to their Google+ profiles, and were granted permission even when the information was set to non-public. This does not mean that there was personal information leakage, but indicates that there was the risk of their information being viewed from outside.

Specific profile information with risk of leakage are: name, email address, occupation and age among others. We have been told that data used for settlements, numbers identifying a person, and data generally used for ID theft or fraud, such as passwords are not included. Furthermore, this problem had already been solved.


Google has already taken measures to solve this matter. However, we recommend that you delete your Google+ profile completely just to be sure. Furthermore, Google has already decided to end the Google+ service in April 2019.

1. Log in to Google+ from Please make sure that you are logging in with your ECCS Could Email account.

2. Display the panel on the left side of the screen. If it is not displayed, click on the menu button (3 lines icon) in the top left section of the screen. Open "Setting"

3. Scroll to the "Account" section at the bottom of the page

4. Click "Delete Google+ profile"

5. Enter your password

6. Tick the box to agree with the notes. (This explains that the Google+ profile and any other related data cannot be restored once it has been deleted.) Click "Delete"

That concludes how to delete your Google+ profile.

Additionally, we recommend that you to do a "Security Checkup" according to the Google Help "Make your account more secure". Please make sure that you do not give full account access to third-party apps.