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Request for setting up a 2-Step Verification for ECCS Cloud Email (GSuite for Education) accounts


Updated: July 11, 2019
March 19, 2019

When using the ECCS Cloud Email service (, it is possible to use a 2-step verification (Multi-Factor authentication) method using SMS or other authentication applications in addition to the password authentication from Google's GSuite authentication function.

Incidents of personal information leaks from Google accounts (personal Gmail account not G Suite) have recently been occurring frequently at other universities. Therefore, it becomes important to strengthen the security of the cloud services used in education and research.

Our ECCS Cloud Email account is widely used by students and academic and administrative staff. Moreover, it is used to exchange many kinds of information related to education and research. Therefore, it is important to improve the security of accounts. Additionally, you can use multiple GSuite applications, including Google Drive, using the same account, and it is widely used for storing and sharing information on education and research.

If someone knows your account ( and password consisting of characters, your account can be hacked or your email data may become accessible to anyone. It is important to set a password which is hard to guess for others. With these conditions, it becomes very important to set passwords which are hard to be guessed by others. Moreover, it is recommended to use a "multi-factor authentication" which uses combination of SMS, authentication application or a one-time password (OTP) device.

The following can be used as a multifactor authentication in ECCS Cloud Email.

In order to improve security, please refer to the following procedure and set up the 2-Step Verification

The above setting is available for individual students as well as academic and administrative staff who have ECCS Cloud Email accounts.