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[ITC-LMS] The same course is displayed multiple times on ITC-LMS when I use the "Search Course" function (for Academic staff and students)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Updated: June 24, 2019
June 24, 2019

Courses are registered on ITC-LMS based on course codes registered on the Academic Affairs System (UTAS). A course is sometimes assigned more than one "course code" even if the different course codes refer to one course held on the same day and time. This is because different students are registered under a specific course code. In these cases, different course codes will be registered as different courses on ITC-LMS. (If the courses are the same, course materials can be managed collectively by grouping the courses).

Academic staff

If you would like to manage multiple courses at once, please use the "Register Course Group" function in the Course Group Menu. You can manage multiple courses at the same time. (Courses with different names can be grouped as well).

Please refer to the user manual for the function and the step-by-step process before grouping.


Please check the code of the course you are registering (or trying to register) in UTAS.