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Displaying the URL for a web link on the WebDAV environment


Updated: March 11, 2021
March 11, 2021

When you right-click on a specific file in the WebDAV environment, the message “Show Web Link URL” will be displayed. However, the URL obtained from this message is a URL for internal use, not for public use. Please note that you need to follow the steps below if you would like to acquire a URL which is published use by others.

  1. After ticking the specific file, click on the “Web Publication” button shown on the top of the page, or right-click on the specific file and select “Web Publication”.
  2. Press “Create”
  3. A globe icon will be displayed next to the specific file. When you move the cursor over this icon, a URL will pop up. * you can also check the URL for Web Publication in the “Detail” by right-clicking on the specific file.