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[ITC-LMS] I wish to grant access to course contents to auditing students who have not registered for the course through UTAS (for Academic staff)

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Updated: October 11, 2022
June 15, 2021

(Updated 9/30/2022)
The contents of this page have been updated following the functional modification to the enrolled student range settings implemented on September 27, 2022.
In addition, the announcement's title has been revised as "for academic staff" under this update.

About the enrollee range settings

Students must be enrolled in the course (registered for the course on the ITC-LMS) to use the course contents. In the ITC-LMS, course participants are divided into the following two types.

"Course participants (Registered enrolled students)"
   Those who have registered for courses or registered their favorites (valid only during the course registration period) in the UTAS system.
"Temporarily registered enrolled students"
  Self-registration and the course instructor registration only in ITC-LMS ※This includes cases where a student has registered for a course or their favorites, then canceled the registration.

The course instructor can set the range of students allowed to use the course contents in the "enrolled student range setting". Temporarily registered enrolled students, such as auditing students, must also be included in the "enrolled student range setting" to be able to use the course contents.

The default setting for the enrolled student range is "Permit temporarily registration until the confirmation date". With this default setting, the enrolled student range will automatically change to "Always enrolled students only", and only registered enrolled students can use the course contents after the registration confirmation date.

If you permit auditing participation even after the course confirmation date

Please change the "enrolled student range" setting on the course setting screen to "Always allow temporary registrants". All temporarily registered enrolled students will be able to access the course once more as soon as the setting is changed.

<If you want to allow only particular students to audit the course>

First, make sure that the "Self registration" setting is set to "Do not allow".
(If "Self registration" is not allowed, students will not be able to register or unregister for courses independently.)
Next, delete all "temporarily registered enrolled" students except those particular students on the "Course Participant Registration" screen.
In addition, if you wish to add a new student as an auditing student, please add the student on the "Course Participant Registration" screen.

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