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How to reset the 2-Step Verification for ECCS Cloud Email


Updated: November 09, 2021
November 09, 2021

It is not possible to reset the 2-Step Verification on your own if you become unable to be authenticated and fail to login to ECCS Cloud Email due to device failures, changes to your phone numbers or devices.

In such cases, please come to the Help Desks on either the Hongo Campus or Komaba Campus or contact us by email on ecc-support [at mark] (replace the [at mark] with @ when sending). We will reset your 2-Step Verification after verifying your identity in person at the Help Desk or via a Zoom meeting. Please present your student ID card or staff ID card when verifying your identity.

※If you are able to login to the ECCS Cloud Email, it is possible for you to turn off the 2-Step Verification in the security section of the settings by yourself. Please refer to the following Google Help for details.
Turn off 2-Step Verification

We recommend that you set multiple authentication methods in case the authentication method you have already set up becomes unavailable.
If you set up multiple authentication methods, you will be able to log in using the other authentication methods even if one of the methods becomes unavailable. Please refer to the following Google Help on how to set this up.
Protect your account with 2-Step Verification