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ECCS Storage Management System [old]


Updated: August 28, 2023
April 11, 2023


ECCS Storage Management System


From November 2023, the use of storage (including Gmail, Google Drive, etc.) for Google Workspace (ECCS Cloud Email ( provided by the Information Technology Center, which was previously unlimited, will become limited and a fee will be charged due to changes in Google's services if a certain amount is exceeded.
Therefore, the University of Tokyo has set a free-of-charge capacity limit per user for usage - “My Drive (※)” is 100GB, “Shared drives (※※)” is up to 25GB in total -, and academic and administrative staff who are in charge of the budget (hereinafter, referred to as “users who can add storage”) can increase the storage capacity after paying the usage fees (JPY 3,000 per 100GB in the 2023 academic year). For more details, please see the following announcement “Relationship between usage fee and storage capacity”. For this reason, we have decided to introduce a management tool called “ECCS Storage Management System”.

Those who must use the ECCS Storage Management System

How to use ECCS Storage Management System

You will find the link to the ECCS Storage Management System page on the left side menu of the Educational Campus-wide Computing Syste page.

For details on how to operate the system, please refer to the Simplified Manual for ECCS Storage Management System (accessible only on campus. Login with your UTokyo Account is required. Currently available only in Japanese).

Relationship between usage fee and storage capacity

1. The free storage limit (storage capacity you can use without a usage fee) is set to 100 GB for My Drive. The limit for Shared drives is up to 25 GB in total.

a. The capacity of shared drives (in total) will be calculated only for the shared drives for which you are the “responsible representative”,
b. You can set and check the list of accessible shared drives along with capacities and the responsible representatives through the “Manage Shared Drive” section in the ECCS Storage Management System.

2. You can increase the usage capacity in increments of 100GB. The annual usage fee for the 2023 academic year is JPY3,000 per 100GB.

3. Increase in the capacity is made by specifying the “Personal Capacity Limit” through the ECCS Storage Management System. By setting this value, you can allocate portions of the capacity to the shared drives within the confines of satisfying the following condition (the rest of the capacity is then allocated to My Drive).
Total of My Drive capacity + Shared Drive capacity (however, only the amount exceeding 25GB is calculated) ≦ Personal Capacity Limit.
The default limit value for the personal Storage Limit (within the free-of-charge capacity limit) is set to 100GB.

Usage Fees

Setting the responsible representatives for shared drives

Expected Questions and Answers