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[ECCS Clould Email] How to use the Google Group

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Updated: October 31, 2016
October 31, 2016

Using Google Group

It has been possible to use the Google Group with your ECCS Cloud Email account since September, 2016 and as such the following activities are now available.

It has also become possible for non-ECCS Cloud Email users to attend groups for ECCS Cloud Email users.

Difference between "Group (General)" and "Group (ECCS Cloud Email)"

Google Group is one of the services offered by Google. If you have an ECCS Cloud Email account, you can use both the regular groups (Google (general)) and groups for ECCS Cloud Email users (Group (ECCS Cloud Email)). The main functions are the same, but there are some functions that are different.

Group (general)

Group (ECCS Cloud Email)

Important Notice for Using Google Group