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Educational Campus-wide Computing System (ECCS)


ECCS Cloud Email

The operation of ECCS Cloud Email was started in April 2016 for all faculty members and students who have ECCS account. For more information, please read the "Information on ECCS Cloud Email", and We also recommend you read "How to use ECCS Cloud Email on the use of the mail system.

ECCS Staff Email (ECCS2012 email system)

Academic and administrative staff who have the right to use ECCS are able to use ECCS Staff Email which is a system that uses a mail server installed in the university in addition to the ECCS Cloud Email.

Additionally, students who have been using ECCS before AY2015 are able to use the email system for ECCS 2012 as a transitional measure. Please save or transfer your data such as email boxes before changing over to the email system of ECCS 2016 on your own (scheduled in August 2016) For more information, please refer to "Notice on the Use of Email System Associated with the Transition to ECCS2016"

Setting Up Mailer

For those who prefer to read the ECCS emails using other mailers (mail clients) such as Apple Mail or MS Outlook, the mailer should be set up as shown the following table 1.

Configuration ItemData
Incoming Mail Server (POP) / TLS Port: 995
Incoming Mail Server (IMAP) / TLS Port: 993
Outgoing Mail / TLS Port: 465 with authentication. / Username and Password are as follows.
UsernameYour ECCS Staff Email address (ECCS
PasswordYour password for ECCS (UTokyo Account or ECCS limited Account)

Unless you have special reasons, set up your email address as IMAP. IMAP leaves the emails on the server and also organizes the emails in folders on the server. Therefore, you will be able to read the email messages from both ECCS terminals and your home computers.

Example of setting up various mail clients

MailSuite (Web Mail)

ECCS provides a Web Mail system called MailSuite in case you have difficulties with setting up the mailers or are unable to set up due to unusual circumstances. MailSuite allows you to read the email messages by accessing them using web browsers. Web address:

After logging in to the above website, enter your ECCS email address in the ID field and ECCS password in the password field in the login window. Please refer to User Manual for simple instructions on using the system from log-in to log-out(in Japanese only). A more detailed online help and detailed information on can be found after logging in.

MailSuite has been tested and approved against the following browsers.

Setting Up Email Forwarding

Email forwarding can be set up from MailSuite. After logging in, select Preferences on the top of the screen, and then click Forwarding. Enter the forwarding email address in the "Add Mail Forwarding" section and click Add. Make sure to check the "Save Copies in my Mailbox" (in the top of the screen). otherwise, the emails will not remain in the mailbox.

Other Information

The followings are useful information on email.