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Educational Campus-wide Computing System (ECCS)


The right to use ECCS is required to use the printing service.

Multifunction printers (RICOH IMC3500/IMC3000) are installed with the ECCS2021. You can print in the following ways.

The printers also have scanning and copying functions. However, these functions are disabled in certain locations such as the libraries.

List of Functions and Paper Size

The following provides a list of available functions and paper sizes for each ECCS multifunction printer. A4 and A3 paper sizes are available in all printers. Please note that sometimes the printers cannot be used due to being out of paper, or due to temporary change of settings, etc.

CampusBuildingRoomName of the PrinterCopyingScanningB4B5Remarks
KomabaInformation Education Buiding1F Study Room1 (prtke11001)×××

2 (prtke11002)×××

3 (prtke11003)××

Komaba Library1F Media Park1 (prtke90001)××××

2 (prtke90002)××

3 (prtke90003)××××
HongoInformation Technology Center1F Study Room(prta03001)×

Fukutake HallB1F Practice Room(prth01001)×

General Library2F ECCS Room1 (prth02001)×××

2 (prth02002)×××

3 (prth02003)×


Medical Library1F(prth06001)×××

Engineering Bldg.62F Room200(prth07001)×

Law/Letters Bldg.21F Faculty of Letters Student Hall(prth08001)×

Law/Letters Bldg.11F PC Room(prth05001)

1F Room111(prth09001)×

Science Bldg.42F Room1215(prth10001)××

Agriculture Bldg.7B1F Room133(prth11001)×

University Library for Agricultural and Life Sciences3F PC Room2(prth12001)×××

Economics1F Room101(prth13001)×


Education3F Room354A(prth15001)×

Pharmaceutical Sciences Library4F Information Processing Room(prth16001)×
KashiwaKashiwa Library1F Learning Support Service(prtk91001)

Charging System

Printing is charged per page. The following two payment method are available in ECCS2021.

The prepaid card is available from vending machine in the libraries and form the University of Tokyo Co-op.

Printing from ECCS Terminal

The basic procedure for printing from an ECCS terminal is as follows.

  1. Select the print server from the print menu in the application on the ECCS terminal. Make sure to select one of the following printers depending on the situation.
    Main_Mono (black and white)
    Main_Color (color)
  2. Click "Print", then the print job will be sent to the printer server. Printing will not yet start at this stage.
  3. Go to the print operation terminal that operates the ECCS multifunction printer and select your print job (sent in #2) on the terminal and print from the actual printer.
    This terminal is next to the printer and operated by a touch panel monitor or keyboard.
    Touch the monitor first and enter your username and password to log in. A list of registered print jobs will appear on the screen.
  4. Select the print job on the list.
  5. Insert the prepaid card or e-money card into the card reader next to the terminal, and click [はい](yes) to start printing.
    ※The prepaid card reader is indicated by the red frame in the following picture, and the yellow frame indicates the e-money card reader.

IPP printing

You can send print jobs directly to the IPP print server provided by ECCS from on-campus network environments such as notebook PCs or laboratory computers (Windows only) that are connected to the portable terminal connection environment. Please refer to the following notifications for the setup procedures.

Web upload printing

Uploading data you want to print after connecting to a web upload printing site (RICOH IO Gate User Page) enables you to print from private PCs/smartphones, PCs at research labs, etc. Please refer to the following notifications for the web upload printing procedures.

Printing from USB Memory Devices

The ECCS multifunction printer can print directly from a USB memory device. Insert the USB memory device into the print operation terminal. The following files data formats can be printed:

Please refer to the manual that is next to the ECCS multifunction printer for the printing procedures.

<Warning> Password-protected files cannot be printed using the USB Direct Print method

Differences from ECCS2016(in use up to February 2021)

What Should I Do When I Cannot Print?

The University of Tokyo Co-op is in charge of maintenance of the ECCS multifunction printers, not ITC. In the event of problems such as running out of paper or an error, contact the following numbers: