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For those who will be using ECCS

Any member of the University of Tokyo is eligible to use the Educational Campus-wide Computing System (ECCS). Please refer to "Services" and the Users' Handbook for information on the services provided by ECCS.

Those who wish to use ECCS, please apply for the use of ECCS following the instructions for Account Application once you have read the University of Tokyo Rules on the Use of ECCS. Newly entered students (such as those transferring in to the third year in the Senior Division or transferring in from other universities) must take the ECCS Online New User Information Seminar to use ECCS. However, all first year students in the Junior Division are required to attend the ECCS New User Information Seminar during the guidance for new students held at the beginning of April.

For those who have been using ECCS

Various announcements will be provided on the ECCS website as needed. If you have any questions or there is something you would like to know about ECCS, please check this website first.

Please note that you must follow the University of Tokyo Rules on the Use of ECCS whenever you use the ECCS. Other notices concerning the use will also be provided here (available only in Japanese).