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Our Help Desks have been closing except for following locations to prevent the new coronavirus infections since April 8, 2020. For inquiries, please contact us by email as much as possible.

Face to face support is available at the following locations.

If any problems occurred...

Search the following sources of information first if you have any questions or any technical problems occurred.

If you are unable to find the necessary information, please contact us by email or telephone. You can also visit Help Desks, or ask tutors who work as system support assistants for help. They are stationed in the study room in Komaba, Information Technology Center (ITC) on Hongo Campus, libraries on both Komaba and Hongo Campuses.


ecc-support[at mark] (this is the common email address for Help Desks at ITC on both Hongo and Komaba campuses)

Make sure to write your name and ECCS account in the mail text when you contact us. For the inquiries about problems or the usage of ECCS, write the following points in as much detail as possible.

In addition, it is not impossible that your email may be accessed by a third party while being delivered through the Internet. DO NOT write down important information such as passwords in the mail text.

Help Desk (in person & by phone)

Help Desk hours on weekdays: 9:00 – 12:00, 13:00 – 17:00

Tutors (System Support Assistants)

Tutors are available at the study room in Information Education Bldg. in Komaba and Komaba Library in Media Park, the study room on the 1st floor of ITC in Hongo, Hongo General Library at Media Plaza 2 and the practice room on the1st basement level of Fukutake Hall to answer questions about the system.

Check their work schedule on the tutor's website (currently available only in Japanese). Note that the duty hours might be changed due to various reasons such as their coursework because they are students also.