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Use of Mobile Terminal (Notebook PC, etc.)

Educational Campus-wide Computing System (ECCS)


ECCS provides a mobile terminal connection environment that enables users to connect their own mobile terminals to the Internet using wired LAN connection. Please refer to "15 User's portable computer connection environment" and "16.2 Location of cable LANs" of the Users' Handbook" for available areas and the usage of wired connection.

For wireless LAN connection, wireless access points that support UTokyo WiFi are provided in places with ECCS related facilities. Please see "UTokyo WiFi"(accessible only from on-campus network) for more information on usage, available areas, etc.

Purpose and Method of Authentication

User authentication is required when using ECCS wired LAN for the following reasons:

Wired LAN Service Provided by the Department

The ECCS wired LAN access points are available mainly in places like libraries that are beneficial for all ECCS users. ECCS also provides wired LAN service to departments and faculties that wish to prepare a network environment for their users at their own expense. Please read "Mobile Terminal Connection Environment at Department's Own Expense"(currently available only in Japanese) for details.