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Educational Campus-wide Computing System (ECCS)


The following is the list of available software for ECCS2016 added by requests such as the use for the coursework, etc.

Mac Environment

SoftwareSummaryVersionRemarksLast updated
Office for Mac 2016Office Suite15.28.16111501Unavailable under the remote access environment2016.12
FirefoxWeb Browser45.52016.12
ThunderbirdMail Client45.5.12016.12
Google ChromeWeb Browser55.0.2883.752016.12
Google Earth7.1.52016.04
Adobe Acrobat Reader DCPDF Viewer2015.016.200412016.06
CyberduckFTP Client-2016.02
VLC media playerMultimedia Player-2016.02
miText Editor2.1.122016.02
EmacsText Editor24.52016.02
Remote Desktop Connection8.0.362016.12
EclipseIntegrated Development Environment4.5.22016.02
Visual Studio code1.4.02016.09
Java8 Update 1112016.10
GIMPGraphics Editor2.8.162016.02
InkscapeGraphics Editor0.9.12016.02
MathematicaNumerical Computing102016.02
MATLABNumerical AnalysisR2015bLimited number of licenses(※1)2016.02
FreeMatNumerical Analysis4.02016.02
JMP ProData Analysis12.22016.04
RStatical Analysis3.22016.02
Stata/SEStatical Analysis14For educational purpose only (unavailable for research use), Limited number of licenses(※2)2016.02
Paraview ( Analysis、Visualization 52016.02
MODELLER ( Modeling9.162016.02


Many kinds of free software are installed by a package system called Homebrew ( Installed packages can be found by executing the following command in the terminal.

 brew list

Windows Environment

SoftwareSummaryVersionRemarksLast updated
Office 2016Office Suite-2016.12
FirefoxWeb Browser50.0.22016.12
ThunderbirdMail Client45.5.12016.12
Google ChromeWeb Browser55.0.2883.75m2016.12
Adobe Acrobat Reader DCPDF Viewer15.020.200422016.12
VLC media playerMultimedia Player2.2.12016.02
TeraPadText Editor1.092016.02
EmacsText Editor24.52016.02
Java8 Update 1112016.10
CygwinGNU Development Tools2.3.02016.02
EclipseIntegrated Development Environment4.5.12016.02
Visual Studio CommunityIntegrated Development Tools14.0.5744Each user is required to sign in(※1)2016.02
RubyScript Language2.2.3(x64)2016.02
Autodesk 3ds Max3D Design2017For educational purpose only (unavailable for research use)2016.06
Autodesk Inventor Professional3D Design2017For educational purpose only (unavailable for research use)2016.06
Rhinoceros3D Design-Limited number of licenses(※2)2016.02
GIMPGraphics Editor2.8.162016.02
InkscapeGraphics Editor0.912016.02
dvioutDVI Viewer3.182016.02
MathematicaNumerical Computing102016.02
MATLABNumerical AnalysisR2015bLimited number of licenses(※3)2016.02
IHS EviewsData Analysis9Limited number of licenses and limited use on Hongo campus(※4)2016.02
JMP ProData Analysis12.22016.04
RStatical Analysis3.2.32016.02
Stata/SEStatical Analysis-For educational purpose only (unavailable for research use), limited number of licenses(※5)2016.02
TSPQuantitative Analysis5.12016.02
Write-N-CiteRefWorks Plug-in (Word)-2016.02
Learn to Play BridgeContract Bridge-2012.03
x264vfwVideo Codec-2016.02

Special Notes

Please note that ITC has adopted LTSB in order to operate Windows environment stably for a long time.

Reference: Windows 10 servicing option (as of June 6, 2016)