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Information on ECCS Terminals

Educational Campus-wide Computing System (ECCS)

iMacs and Mac minis are provided as ECCS terminals.

You can select either a Mac OS or Windows environment at startup.

About the Terminals

The terminals are used for education on information processing and programming education, as well as for students to read their e-mails, and to browse the internet.

You can connect various devices using the USB ports on each terminal (there are USB connectors at the back of iMac, however, connect the devices using the USB extension cables that are already plugged in to the iMac). The specifications are as follows.

Important Notice

Locations of ECCS Terminals

ECCS terminals are available in the Information Technology Center at the Asano area of Hongo Campus, the Information Education Building on Komaba 1 Campus (※1), Fukutake Hall, General Library, Komaba Library and the Kashiwa Library. They are also available in some faculties or departments.

※1 The large PC classroom 1 and 2, and the study room on the 1st floor, ITC building are unavailable due to earthquake resistance renovation work during the 2021academic year. For more details, please see the announcement "Alternative Facility for the Large PC Rooms in the Information Technology Center during its Earthquake Resistance Renovation".

Please read the "16.1 Terminal Locations"(currently available only in Japanese) of the ECCS User's Handbook for details on the number of terminals provided in each location.