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Information on ECCS Cloud Email


Updated: March 10, 2021
June 07, 2016

The ECCS Cloud Email is a Cloud Email service for all academic and administrative staff and students with a UTokyo Account (

As the ECCS Cloud Email is a cloud service used by the members of the University of Tokyo, the following checklist (国立情報学研究所 学認クラウド導入支援サービス チェックリストVer.4.1 ( was used as a template for the format specified by the University of Tokyo to share the information throughout the university.

Establishing this list took time because the checklist was not provided by the cloud service provider. However, one created based on the information obtained by the university has been released, and is accessible only on-campus. For information see below.

It was created based on information currently obtained by the university and will be updated as needed. Notification of updates will be given on this website.