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Using Google Drive

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Updated: November 05, 2020
May 17, 2017

Using Google Drive

Using Google Drive from web browsers

Log onto the Google website using your browser.

Login screen

Once you have logged on, click on the google apps icon (3x3 square) on the top right corner of the screen, and select “Drive”.

You can use the direct access link if you wish to use Drive for the ECCS Cloud Email.

In addition to uploading and downloading the files from your local drives, you can also open, edit or create files in Google Drive using web applications such as:

Not only are these applications compatible and exchange files with Microsoft Office Word, Excel or Power Point, but can be shared with other users and edit together in in real time.

Google Drive Application

When using Google Drive Application for Mac or Windows, a special directory which is synchronized with the Drive on the Cloud is created on the local hard disk. When you create or save files on this directory, changes made to the file is automatically uploaded on Cloud. Similarly, when a file on the Cloud is changed or a file is newly created, the corresponding files on the local directory are also changed.

You can share data on multiple PC or smartphones, or save data and files on Google Drive as a backup of the local drives. However, you must be aware that when using Google Drive Application the same amount of the local disk space is uses as the amount of data stored on the Cloud.

Google Drive Application has not been installed on the ECCS terminals because of the limit to the capacity of the Home directory. Please use Google Drive on the web browser.

Capacity Limit

Although Google Drive of the Cloud mail does not have a capacity limit for each user unlike the usual Gmail account (Refer to G Suite for Education Common Questions), please do not use it to store files that are irrelevant to activities of the university.


Data on Google Drive can be shared with other users in as individual files or folders.

Data can be shared at the following levels:

※You can check whether or not there are any searchable files on the whole ECCS Cloud Email by entering “source:domain owner:(ECCS Cloud Email address)” in the search window of the Google drive

The restriction “Only with people who know the link” could still result in being the same as “Open” if a member leaks the link. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the setting “With specific users” when you know the Google account you want to share with. Also, it is recommended that instead of setting sharing levels for each file, you should create folders with different levels of sharing depending on the purpose, and create files in them.

There was a case in the past where confidential data of the Central Government was accessed due to inappropriate setting of the Google document. Please be aware of the risk when setting up file sharing.