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Termination of the Service of the User Web Page Publication WWW Server (March, 2020)


Updated: March 04, 2020
March 01, 2019

The service for User Web Page Publication WWW server ended at the end of February, 2020 as noticed below.

Circumstances of the termination of the service

Since 1999, the Information Technology Center has provided the WWW publication service through the user web page publication WWW Server on which ECCS users are able to host HTML files and publish web pages. Initially, many users published information using this server, but recently the number of users have been decreasing with the increase in methods for publishing information outside the university.

On the other hand, the security level required for WWW publication using the university website is increasing and responsible responses towards information ethics matters have also become necessary. Even pages created during a lecture have later caused issues related to information ethics, while incidents where problematic content has been posted on the CGI bulletin board with low security have also occurred. Thus, the labor necessary to manage this server has been increasing.

Since the usage of this service is not be expected to meet the operating cost in the future, we have decided to terminate the service of WWW publication from February 2020.

Further Response

For the time being, we will accept new applications for WWW publication. However, the service of the user web page publication WWW server will be completely discontinued from February 2020. If ECCS users wish to publish information, please use other services such as Google Site using your ECCS Cloud Email account.