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Information Sessions on How to Use ECCS and ITC-LMS for Academic Staff


Updated: August 08, 2019
August 08, 2019

There will be an information session on how to use ECCS for academic staff who use the Educational Campus-wide Computing System (ECCS) in order to give their lessons, teaching assistants and those in charge of distributed terminals, and an information session for ITC-LMS for academic staff on both Hongo and Komaba Campuses.

An information session for ECCS will be held first, followed by ITC-LMS (ITC-LMS announcements, ITC-LMS Login screen). The ITC-LMS is the Learning Management System that provides functions such as "course materials distribution", "assignments", "online tests", "forums", "questionnaires", "attendance management" and "information notices". For example, the followings will be available when you use ITC-LMS for your lessons.

As advance preparation is required to run the session, anyone wishing to participate in the information session should make sure to apply well in advance.

1. Location

2. Application

3. Information required when applying

[Notice] This information session will take place in Japanese only. However questions can be accepted in English on the day, and will be answered in English.