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How to use Video Conference System "Google Hangouts Meet"


Updated: March 06, 2020
March 05, 2020

How to use Video Conference System "Google Hangouts Meet"


Any members of the University of Tokyo (academic and administrative staff, students, etc. who have a U-Tokyo Account) can host a video conference via Google Hangouts Meet. The host must activate G Suite for Eduction (called "ECCS Cloud Email" in the University of Tokyo).

Anyone, affiliated to the University of Tokyo or not, can participate in a meeting.

2.Host a Meeting

2.1. When the Host is an academic and administrative staff

1. If you have not activated "ECCS Cloud Email" (G Suite for Education) yet, do so via UTokyo Account User Menu. (click here for more details). If you have an Email address of "", you are already set.

2. Once you have done, the setting will be updated to the Google every hour, so anticipate up to an hour until you can start using it.

3. Once successfully activated, access the Hangouts Meet top page

4. Once logged in, you will see "Join or start a meeting" button. Press it to set up a meeting.

5. Press "Join or start a meeting". If a dialogue asking permissions to access camera or microphone, press "Allow". You are now ready to start a meeting.

6. Press "Start a meeting" and You will see the following window. Give a nickname of the conference if you like, and press "Continue".

7. You will see the following window. Announce the URL ( to participants via Email or other means. To easily make an announcement, press "Copy joining info" to copy the URL, which you can then paste to your Email client.

2.2.When the Host is a Student

  1. When the host is a student, the procedure is identical except you need to finish ECCS online seminar to activate "ECCS Cloud Email" (G Suite for Education). It won't be activated until you finish it.

3. Join a Meeting

Through Jul 1, 2020, you can record video meetings. Please see Google for usage.

Through Jul 1, 2020, you can add view-only live streaming to an event. Please see Google for usage.

5. Other Video Conference Systems

We are preparing the following services for a limited time for holding large-scale meetings, etc.

6. Help