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Login IDs and passwords for UTokyo Account related services


Updated: March 15, 2021
March 30, 2020

Login to UTokyo Account related services

Main services related UTokyo Account are as follows.

The followings summarize the items to be entered when logging in to each service.

(Supplementary Information) Common ID

The common ID is the last 10 digits of the 18-digit number found on the lower right-hand corner of the Student ID cards and Staff ID cards. However, as will be described later, depending on the information service or information system, it will be necessary to use "" together with the common ID, for example: "common ID (10 digits)".

(Supplementary Information) Use of Zoom / Webex

The procedure for logging in to Zoom changed on March 15th and Webex on March 13th. You can now log in to Zoom or Webex using your UTokyo Account. For details on how to use it, please refer to '' Online Class / Web Conference Portal Site @the University of Tokyo> System Change for Spring 2021 (

※You will no longer be able to log in with the "Common ID (10-digit number)" as you did before the transition work.

UTokyo Account User Menu・Application Menu

Login page (for User Menu)
Login Page (for Application Menu)
UsernameCommon ID(10-digit number) onlye.g.:0000000000
PasswordPassword for UTokyo Account

Login fails if you add to your username.


Login page (for UTAS)
Login page (for ITC-LMS)
UsernameCommon ID (10-digit number)
PasswordPassword for UTokyo Account

If the login screen has the image of the UTokyo building in the background, the, part of your username can be omitted.

ECCS Cloud Email

Login page
UsernameAccount name for ECCS Cloud Emaile.g.:u-foo2381
PasswordPassword for ECCS Cloud Email

You cannot log in to the ECCS Cloud Email with the Common ID only or Common
When you log in from the Gmail login page ("" is not displayed), your login ID must add to your account name for the ECCS Cloud Email.

How to set up

Common ID (UTokyo Account)Assigned to each staff and student
Password for UTokyo Account Set up by yourself from the UTokyo Account User Menu
Account for ECCS Cloud EmailSet up by yourself from the ECCS User Menu
Password for ECCS Cloud EmailSet up by yourself from the ECCS User Menu

Summary of login IDs for each service

Name of serviceLogin IDNotice
UTokyo Account User Menu・Application MenuCommon ID (10 digit number) onlyNo need to add
UTAS・ITC-LMSCommon ID (10 digit number) can be omitted depending on the screen
ECCS Cloud EmailAccount name for ECCS Cloud can be omitted depending on the screen (or cannot be entered),you cannot log in with the Common ID or Common

(Reference) Screen shots of each login page

UTokyo Account User Menu



ECCS Cloud Email

When you login from Gmail login page