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Mailing list for the announcements from ECCS

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Updated: July 20, 2016
June 24, 2016

Students who have obtained an ECCS account from the 2016 Academic Year cannot subscribe to the mailing list (ML) for the announcements from ECCS provided since 2013 through the ECCS2012 mail system,

Please subscribe to the ECCS Announcement Group which will send notifications to your ECCS Cloud Email address.

Although announcements relating ECCS will be posted on the ECCS website (, an ML “eccs-announce” is prepared as a means of learning about the newly made announcements.

Please use this service to learn about the latest information on ECCS or maintenance, advance notice concerning power outages.

[How to use]

Login to the mailing list management screen of DEEP MAILING to subscribe.

1. Login to DEEP MAILING

※Enter your ECCS email adderss (ECCS as the login ID.

2. Click on “All Lists” in the links found on the left side of the screen.

3. Select “” form the pull-down menu on the right.

4. Click on “Subscribe” found against the ML “ECCS announcement” shown in the list.

5. If the following screen appears you have subscribed successfully.

※If you wish to unsubscribe from the ML, select the appropriate mailing list shown in the lists, then click on “Unsubscribe” after logging in to DEEP MAILING.