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The Experimental ChromeOS System: FAQ


Updated: February 01, 2018
February 01, 2018

FAQs on the experimental ChromeOS system are provided on this page. There are questions that we think people may ask in addition to actual questions.

Q. Are you going to change all ECCS terminals to the ChromeOS terminals in the next change for the ECCS

A. Each university has been trying to find out what the educational computing system for the university should be in the future. Some universities have already made the full transition to a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) system where students are required to bring their own device to the university. A decision was made to introduce the experimental ChromeOS system as terminals oriented for the server-side computing to complement transition to a BYOD system. However, it is unlikely that lectures will be given using only ChromeOS terminals by the time we upgrading the ECCS in 2020. However, there is still time for assessments and procurement to upgrade the next ECCS, and it is likely that ChromeOS terminals will be just introduced as part of the whole system.

Q. It is more useful if it can be used with Gmail accounts as well as the ECCS Cloud Email accounts.

A. It has been set up so that only people with the right to use ECCS can use this as the ChromeBooks are part of the facilities of the university.

Q. Can I use ChromeBook in the same way if I bought one myself?

A. ChromeBooks that are bought personally (a cheap on will cost JPY 30,000 or less) can be used in the same way by logging in using your ECCS Could Email Account. (Your personal ChromeBook will have greater flexibility as it is not subject to centralized control.) If you already have a Windows or macOS PC, there is no need to buy a ChromeBook because you can virtually use the same environment by using Google Chrome.

Q. Is it possible to use it somewhere other than the installed locations?

A. Chromebook is a system that is originally designed to be carried around, but the ones we have obtained have been tied with security cables for security reasons. Therefore, these can be only used in the installed locations. Furthermore, as the network used is also limited by centralized control, it cannot be used at locations other than the installed location. Connection to a network is required when using the terminals, and as such all activity logs are recorded on Google Cloud.

Q. Are printers and Scanners available?

A. If you have a printer that supports Google Cloud Print and have properly set up the printer, you should be able to use it regardless of the location. However, the center has no plan of installing printers for the experimental ChromeOS system. You can create a PDF file and copy it to a flash drive and print it using the USB printing function of the ECCS printers. If you want to use a scanner, please scan a data using the ECCS printers to the flash drive.