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Notice for ECCS users leaving the University of Tokyo following graduation, retirement, or resignation

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Updated: August 30, 2022
March 05, 2018


Main services that will no longer be accessible

The Educational Campus-wide Computing System (ECCS) provides exclusive services for members of the University of Tokyo. Therefore, your rights to use the ECCS will be revoked at the same time as you graduate or transfer to another organization (hereinafter called “leaving the university”).

Access to the following services authenticated by the right to use the ECCS will become unavailable at the same time your UTokyo Account becomes invalid.

Please note that the UTokyo Account does not always expire at the end of March but may expire at a time you do not expect (such as immediately after graduation or completing graduate school).
※Please be aware that if you cannot enter the "UTokyo Account User Menu", then it is not a problem with the ECCS. Please contact the academic affairs office (for students) or the personnel division of your department/faculty.

Major Services that become unavailable
ECCS Terminals
ECCS Multifunction Printers
ECCS Cloud Email(including additional services such as Google Drive、Calendar)
Remote Access Environment
SSH Server
WebDAV Environment

[If you leave the university (including temporarily leaving the university) ]Things you need to do before leaving the university where necessary

Setting Up Email Forwarding

Please note that email forwarding for ECCS Cloud Email to an off-campus account is available for about 180 days after deactivation, if you set up the forwarding service while your UTokyo Account is still active.
You can still read emails that are sent to your ECCS Cloud Email address through the mail server of your designated forwarding address during this period.

Setting up email forwarding for your ECCS Cloud Email

After logging in to GoogleMail, go to “Settings (gear icon)” > “See all settings” > “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” > “Forwarding''
For details, please refer to Automatically forward Gmail messages to another account - Gmail Help (

Tips & Points for Setting Up Email Forwarding

Notes for users who do not set up the email forwarding

Backing up ECCS Cloud Email data or data saved on Google Drive

Please refer to Backing up ECCS Cloud Email data before your graduation, etc.

For prospective emeritus professors, or part-time lecturers, etc. who will not be enrolled when the period of enrollments (tenures) changes at the fiscal year

Please contact the person in charge of the personnel affairs of your affiliation while you are still at the university to confirm whether or not your UTokyo Account will be valid continuously.

[Automatic continuation] for those who continue to work or be enrolled at the university

Those who change their status from students to academic and administrative staff or vice versa even if they continue to work or are enrolled at the university

A new UTokyo Account ID will be issued when your status changes from that of a student to an academic and administrative staff (or vice versa) and accordingly you will not be able to take over your previous UTokyo Account. However, you will be able to take over your previous ECCS Cloud Email address and saved data by taking the following procedures.